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Locations on or near Whidbey! 

Keep in mind all of these may include walking or a light hike. Most require a WA state park pass.

Be sure to click each thumbnail or arrow to see more of each location!

Coupeville beach road: This is a really cool road down by the beach in Coupeville. The lighter tones and browns in this location are a better backdrop if you're wanting to dress moodier (black), or a very casual look with light wash jeans and even pops of off-white would be great. The hair pin turn in the road offers a unique look and also a casual vibe. This would be great for couples that are down for anything and super chill! Sunrise works best because of where the sunrises. Otherwise I would do a cloudy, even light drizzly day for this location! 

North Beach Deception Pass: A sweet little stretch of beach down in the Deception Pass park. Maybe a 5-10 minute hike from the parking lot, pretty easy! This is a very PNW rich setting. Honestly, it works best on a cloudy day if you want 360 views of the scenery including the bridge. If it is a sunny day at sunset, I can only shoot toward the sunset opposite of the bridge view. Keep this in mind. Carmels, off whites, plaid, beanies, coats, layers, casual PNW outdoorsy look pairs really well here! Avoid black, you will not pop in front of the scenery! Couples and families can have fun with their layers and fit right into this location.