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Rosario- grassy hillside with cliff-edge, water views. Jutting rocks, pines, and a beach below.

Dreamy sunset field- A 10-minute wooded walk to an open field where the sun sets behind the pines, a field to frolic in, and a large shade tree in the middle perfect for filtering light as well as a gorgeous backdrop.

Beachy grass- A walk past cranberry lake in the Deception Pass park, you will find a perfect location nestled between the sea and the lake. Beach grass and sand. A neutral pallet. Perfect for sunsets or clouds.

Field off-Island- This location is about 45 minutes but so worth it. It is so peaceful out here and a bit of an adventure! You have to cross a log over a creek to get to the spot we will be shooting! I have done it plenty times! This location offers so much depth, such a wide view of the sky, and it is just dreamy! One of my faves.

North Beach Deception Pass- Ashort hike leading to a sweet little cove and stretch of beach that is along the stretch of North beach. Not under the bridge and not closest to where North and West meet, but in the middle. This space offers the perfect view of islands, ocean, pines, jutting rocks, and driftwood to scale. The sun sets behind all of this. I would be shooting in the direction the sun sets. You do get a tiny, beautiful view of the bridge, but it is only possible to shoot that direction on a cloudy day- if it is sunny, it would be a yellow casting over the whole bridge view AND you. You don't want that! So keep in mind, the bridge only in photo view if it is a cloudy day!


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